10 Planners to Help Plan the New Year Right


If your New Year’s resolution includes being organized, these 10 stylish planners will help you plan out your day-to-day activities.

New Year, same grind. Even with the ongoing pandemic and its many new strains, life still goes on. From managing family affairs to doing all kinds of work—housework, work, or schoolwork—and all the in-betweens, the year 2022 will definitely be as eventful as the last… guaranteed.

And in order to keep track of all this business happening, a planner is essential. While some may prefer the more modern versions—digital planners and calendars, straight on their devices—other people (like me!) prefer the old-school planner, where you can write everything by hand and even decorate it to suit your fancy!

(Though if you ask me, it’s a good reason to go splurge on pens, stickers, and various stationery items)

Thing is, there is a serious commitment in choosing the planner that will accompany you all throughout 2022. After all, not all planners are made the same. And I’m not just talking about the cover design. Even the pages, the type of paper, the amount of space where you can write, the size… down to the overall aesthetic and the trackers—all those details are important in choosing the. Ultimate. Planner.

Still unsure? We narrowed the list down to our top 10 favorites:

10. Starbucks Traditions 2022 Planner (IG: @starbucksph)

2022 PLANNER Starbucks 2
Photo from Starbucks Philippines

The Starbucks Traditions 2022 series takes a monochromatic spin with your choice of a white mug or a black tumbler with a matching pouch and notebook, as well as a planner and organizer set in black or white.

Set in luxurious leather with an embossed decor and gold detail, the planner’s organizer even features pockets and holders for your pens, cards, and money. As for the planner, it’s a sleek leather booklet with the same embossed logo and scallop motif, along with colorful monthly covers, weekly spreads, and blank pages for note-taking. Perfect for meetings or those who are on the go!

A must-have for Starbucks lovers and patrons, the annual Starbucks planner is a testament to true dedication (and coffee addiction). Whenever the holiday season starts, you can redeem stickers either in-app or on an official promo card for every purchase of a drink of any size. Once you reach 18 stickers, you can then claim your planner or drinking vessel of choice!

Alternatively, a purchase of PHP5,000 and above from Starbucks lets you get the planner right away. And good news! Normally, sticker collecting season ends by December, but Starbucks has graciously extended it up until January 21, 2022.

9. Happy Lemon Planner (IG: @happylemon_ph)

2022 PLANNER Happy Lemon 1
Photo from Happy Lemon

Another planner that can be attained by religiously buying drinks to collect stickers (18 at that), Happy Lemon’s version comes in warm tones of yellow or brown. This soft leatherbound planner features embossed gold designs of their signature lemon mascot, along with other cute drawings of their food and drinks.

What’s more, you’re treated to mouthwatering monthly covers of their bestselling drinks, a weekly spread to jot down your deadlines, blank pages for you to take down notes or even doodle on, and even trackers for your mood, happiness, and habits. Very timely too, given how much care should be given to your mental health.

Available until supplies last.

8. Back to Basics Planner from CNS Designs (IG: @cnsdesigns)

Back to Basics
Photo from C&S Designs

Simple, minimalist, and true to its name, the Back to Basics Planner by C&S Designs features a simple calligraphy font on a periwinkle hardbound cover. Bound together by a wire spiral coil, this planner features a clean and simple layout with a vertical weekly spread for your reminders. What’s more, each planner comes with a no-tear double side pocket and stickers to store your essentials and for your fun decorating needs.

But the best part? It’s an undated planner, which means you can either store it for future use or use it only when you need it—no commitments, no pressure!

Available online for PHP695.

7. Sunnies Agenda 2022 from Sunnies Studios (IG: @sunniesstudios)

2022 PLANNER Sunnies Agenda
Photo from Sunnies Studios

Love the stylish aesthetic of Sunnies Studios? Beyond eyeglasses and shades, this optical shop now offers its very own annual planner: the Sunnies Agenda. Dubbed as Dreamscapes, this 2022 edition features dreamy pastel tones and earthy elements—showcasing iconic chairs and architectural structures on its hardbound cover and in its monthly spreads.

It even comes with tips on how you can build your personal space—perfect for those who want to bring the Sunnies vibe to their homes.

Available on Shopee, Lazada, and for PHP595.

6. Scribble Journal from FILED (IG: @get.filed)

Photo from FILED

Rewrite, reaffirm and relive. The Scribble Journal from FILED is all about you and your journey. Going beyond its purpose of tracking your day-to-day responsibilities, this creative journal slash planner also features mindfulness and wellness activities like daily affirmations, self-check-ins, motivational quotes, and more.

All this—from the spacious weekly and monthly views to the thick GMS paper and fun activities—are neatly bound in a pastel hardbound cover that’s made to look like a collage.

And if you’re a perfectionist such as myself who gets bothered when they forget to log in their day, good news. This planner is undated, so you don’t need to feel pressured to update it. Moreover, you can opt to personalize yours with your name in silver or gold. All to make it uniquely yours.

Available online for PHP695.

5. 2022 Classic Planner from The Everyday PH (IG: @theeverydayph)

2022 PLANNER The Everyday PH
Photos from The Everday PH

Looking for an efficient planner to track your day-to-day responsibilities? Then the 2022 Classic Planner from The Everyday PH is your best bet! This undated planner encourages you to work smart towards your goals with its spacious weekly views, budget, goal, and spending trackers, among others. All this in bleed-resistant structured pages that you’re guaranteed to love if you’re an organized perfectionist.

Simple, classic, and straightforward, this planner has all the essentials. Plus, its vegan leather hardbound cover even comes in a wide variety of classic and limited-edition colors.

Available online for PHP750.

4. 365 Days Planner from Limelight (IG:

2022 PLANNER Limelight 1

If you’ve got a packed schedule and need more than an inch-wide space to keep track of everything, then the 365 Days Planner from Limelight‘s got you covered. With its generous quarter-page space per day, you can track your activities with ease… and even decorate it while you’re at it! It’s also perfect for those who want to start bullet journaling without the pressure of designing a layout from scratch, too!

What’s more, this affordable planner comes in 4 designs—visually stunning renditions of the elements, depending on which one suits your fancy (personally, the water one is my favorite!). Aside from the swirling colors of earth, fire, air, and water, each hardbound cover is lined with gold, comes with a clasp, and even includes stickers and a bookmark inside. All this for a very affordable price!

Available online for PHP299.75.

3. Ad Astra 2022 Planner (IG: @heyadastra)

2022 PLANNER Ad Astra
Photo from Ad Astra

If you’re interested in astrology—birth charts, alignments, and all—the 2022 Planner & Guided Journal: Orbit Maps from Ad Astra provides an overview of the alignment of the planets during the New Moon, which symbolizes new beginnings.

Equipped with insights on self-discovery, your birth chart, and this year’s energies, this hardbound texture linen planner (complete with an embossed chart and gold monogrammed font) doesn’t just track your activities—it teaches you how to navigate each day with the stars to help you.

And the best part? The pages are thick enough to withstand sign pens, gel pens, markers, and even your regular ballpoint pens.

Available online for PHP2,250.

2. Design Your Life from C&S Designs (IG: @cnsdesigns)

2022 PLANNER Design Your Life
Photo from C&S Designs

Another planner by C&S Designs, this Design Your Life 2022 planner features colorful pastels—a stark contrast to the minimalist look of its undated counterpart. Designed for a “fun and fresh planning experience,” it features a hardbound cover (vegan leather option also available), a water tracker (gotta stay hydrated!), a 12-month weekly spread, and improvements on its predecessor’s monthly overview page and monthly calendar.

But that’s not all. In this lineup, it’s the only planner with laminated tabs that make it easier to find what you’re looking for! Moreover, the planner comes with an expandable back pocket, double bookmarks, an elastic band to keep everything together, and a sticker sheet for all your decorating needs.

Available online for PHP749.

1. 2022 Belle de Jour Power Planner (IG: @ilovebdj)

2022 PLANNER Belle de Jour 1
Photo from Belle de Jour

And finally, who could ever forget the lovely collection of planners by Belle de Jour? A planner, tracker, and collection of coupons for your shopping all in one, this powerful planner is a purposeful one. In fact, you can say that it’s a celebration of femininity and power. Just look at the hardback, matte laminate cover, and the featured Bella of the year. Beautiful, ethereal, and on top of the world—nay, the galaxy, even.

With 12 stunning artworks for monthly covers, weekly spreads in a vertical layout (timed by the hour for easy tracking), a back pocket, and more, it has everything you need and more. Moreover, you even get special check-ins monthly for your overall well-being through a series of questions that get you thinking.

And did I mention the discounts? These coupons—compiled in their Perks of a Bella booklet—come with discounts from over 59 partner establishments.

Available online for PHP679. All orders will get a free Kraft filler notebook, until supplies last.


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