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Still, we continue to discover Thailand and fly quickly following

The bright morning in Thailand’s Damnoen Saduak floating market

The stunning Sirindhorn Wararam Phu Prao Temple located in Sirindhorn district, Ubon Ratchathani Province is one of Thailand’s unseen places and the 3rd most beautiful temple in Thailand where is perfect to visit both during the day and in the dark. The main attractions of this temple are the “Tree of Life” or the Kalpapruek tree painted with green phosphor that will be illuminated after the sun sets and the patterns on the temple grounds which are roots extend from the Tree of life. However, the hand-crafted structures of the temple itself and the surroundings are breathtakingly idyllic as well. So if you are looking for a place to visit , grab you cameras and go there!
Without any social medias and internet signals, we still can be fun together! 
This is one of the best morning for all Thais and people around the world when “The Mission Impossible” is not impossible anymore!! Because ,last night, 12 lost boys and 1 Coach have already got out of Tham Khun Laung Nang Non Cave safely by 90 Thai and international divers’ assists! We can hear the world is screaming with happiness right now. And on behalf of Thai people, we truly appreciate all the favors , cares and collaborations from every nations that gave the hands to helped Thai officers to rescue 13 wild boars. This mission wouldn’t have been succeeded unless all teams had united their power into one and now miracle happened! No words can explain how much this means to all Thai citizens. Thank you so much for the past 17 days to All HEROES that remind us there are still Hope and Love in this world. Thank You!!
Koh Tao or The Turtle Island ,located on the east side of the Surat Thani coastline, is one of the top 10 best islands to visit in Asia! And what makes it an unforgettable destination for tourists to keep coming back? Let’s start with its incredibly beautiful lush nature and a nice, relaxing atmosphere on the island, the striking and colorful coral reefs and the abundant marine life under the warm clear water of the Gulf of Thailand, these are completely perfect for visitors, adventurers and divers who are addicted to snorkeling and scuba diving. Moreover, if your are lucky enough you will get a chance to get up close and swim alongside with a huge whale shark too! Does it sound like a great diving enough ;)?? Well…the other reason that make it  best island destination is its weather because even during a rainy season in Thailand, you can come to visit this place without worrying that you will get wet in the pouring rain or stuck in a hotel while wishing for rain to stop at all.
Since it is a rainy season in Thailand, we would like to represent you one of the must see places you have to go for just once in your life time if you visit Thailand at “SAN KNOK WUA” the highest mountain where its highest peak is about 1,767 meters above sea level ,and it’s located at Khoa Laem National Park in Kanchanaburi Province. According to its height, this place will absolutely be a perfect place for any tourists who love hiking or adventurous trip kind of thing and wanting to see the sea of mist with 360 degree panoramic view! Thus, if you know you are one of this type of person, no more settling down. Just pack your things and come to Thailand. San Knok Wua has always been waiting for you and your visit there
Let’s today merit-making morning start with a lovely smile from our friendly giant friend! If this won’t make you happy then I don’t know what else
Could We just take a moment to appreciate the ture beauty of nature of this stunningly beautiful Tham Lod cave? The gorgeous cave is not only one of amazing unseen Thailand attractions but also one of the country’s historical sites located at Pang Mapha in Mae Hong Son Province, the northern region of Thailand. The cave was named as Tham Lod or Tham Nam Lod because there is a small river flows through the three rooms – Sao Hin Cave, Tuk Ta Cave and Phi Man Cave- inside the cave. And besides the grand stalactites and stalagmites, you will discover the ancient paintings on the cave wall as well.   *The cave opens everyday from 8 a.m. till 5.30 p.m. However, during the rain season, tourists will be allowed to get inside the Sao Hin cave only because of the high water condition.   **The expense for one guide and one lantern per group is around 150 Thai Baht.  And for one round trip float rafting is 400 Thai Baht.  ***Don’t forget to wear comfortable and durable sneakers, and bring your camera with you too! (The tripod is most recommend for the better quality pics if you are willing to carry it along the way of your trip.
Just a few days left for this charming Phi Ta Khon Ghost Mask Festival. The festival is the popular and famous ceremony usually taken place at Dan Sai Village in Loei Province located in the northeastern Thailand. However, The date for this event changes each year, but it is always sometime between March and July. And this year it will be held from 16 June to 18 June! Are you excited for it
Here! another best morning view from Phu Langka National Park, Nakhon Phanom province. The vibe and its serenity are too good that you might not want to leave the bed at all
This spectacle gigantic white Buddhist is placed in Wat Phra That Pha Son Kaew,located at the hilltop and encircled with incredible mountainous landscapes and tranquil atmosphere of Thang Daeng Village, Tambol Camp Son, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun Province. At the top of the hill ,there is a cave where the folk tale has been told that many of Thang Daeng Villagers saw the flying marble flew through the sky and disappeared in this cave, the villagers believed it to be the Buddha’s spirit. So they named this place as its sacred character that “Pha Son Kaew”.
The Northern Thailand is well-known for being the areas where the cool weather spread around all over the year, and it’s  also abundant with verdant forests and lush vegetation because its borders is adjacent to China’s remote Yunnan province which makes the climate to be suitable for tea cultivation and growing cold weather fruits like Strawberries, Grapes and so on.  Come visiting  the north for embracing the incredible nature, the wide green tea plantations and trying some freshly brewed tea, served in the traditional local style with us.
Even a pro camera or a full HD photo cannot do this amazing red lotus lake justice as its beauty is beyond that! So you’d better hurry up and come to see it with your own eyes at Talay Bua Daeng in Udon Thani. I dare say this incredible place is a must see just for once in a lifetime! Sooo wonderful!!
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