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4 Essential Tips for Managing Your ECommerce Inventory


ECommerceFew retailers are willing to increase their expenses by setting up a physical store in the modern world of online commerce. Many creators, retailers, and merchandisers focus their efforts on offering their products via online platforms.

When you run an online store, you can lower your operating expenses and expand your reach to a global audience. However, online businesses take as much effort as any other type of company.

Without the benefit of a physical retail venue with storage or a warehouse, online retailers will need to be very organized about creating and storing their inventory. You may be able to print on demand your products and merchandising gear on demand, but you need to have a place to put your products before they are shipped out to your customers. Let’s take a closer look at a few tips to help you manage your e-commerce inventory.

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Tracking Software

To be successful in retail, you need to know what you have in your available inventory. Many small businesses rely on simple spreadsheets that can be stored in the Cloud to track their inventory. For others, the inventory tracking module that comes with their bookkeeping software is sufficient for keeping their inventory organized.

Get Organized

Successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common; they are organized. From keeping their books up to date to tracking their inventory, business owners need to invest the time and energy to stay organized. If your e-commerce business is dealing with various products, you will need to create a customized system of keeping your inventory in order so it is easy to find when it’s ready for shipping.

To keep your inventory organized, you can use various methods. You can give each type of product a different location so that it can be quickly drawn out or restocked. Using a barcode system allows you to scan an item into or out of your inventory, or you can group similar items together in particular categories to keep things organized.

Regular Audits

Whether your inventory is large or small, items can be misplaced, lost, or stolen. To keep track of your online store inventory, you must perform regular monthly audits. This means a physical counting and review of your stock. When you complete an audit on your inventory, it can give you a benchmark for your sales, help you make more accurate projections, and find any errors in your system.

Storage Options

If your home is becoming more of a storage area than a liveable space, it may be time for you to consider alternative storage options. While filling your garage or living room may work for a while, you don’t want to overload your home with excess inventory. You can rent an offsite storage unit to add additional space for your inventory or find a hub retailer in the area where you have a more significant amount of sales, reducing your shipping costs and giving you additional space for your stock.

If you are opening an online store, considering your inventory is an essential factor to consider. Follow these tips to help you manage your e-commerce inventory.

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