6 best traditional kueh deliveries in Singapore


There’s nothing an afternoon tea with plates of traditional kueh can’t fix.

Originating in Southeast Asia, kueh (sometimes spelled as Kuih or Kue) translates to cakes in Malay, and are bite-sized morsels of dessert snacks eaten throughout the day.

The exact origins of these decidedly Southeast Asian treats can’t be tied to a specific country — it finds itself within the crossover of history’s Venn diagram, nestled between the traditions of communities of the Malay Archipelago and settlers of British Malaya.

Yet, there’s one thing that history is certain about any humble kueh: they were typically shared during special occasions such as weddings and religious activities, to symbolise happiness and prosperity with loved ones.

kueh delivery singapore
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Alas, the traditional kueh has taken a step back in recent years, making way for “Instagram-worthy” pastries like tarts, pies and cakes. The number of traditional kueh spots have also dwindled with the times, perhaps due to the lack of younger patrons.

If you’re wondering where you can still get your kueh fix, we’ve got you covered. Some of these locales are age-old shops that have digitised and are now offering delivery and takeaway services, while others are home businesses that are bent of keeping the traditions alive. Read on for all the spots in Singapore that deliver traditional kueh to your doorstep.

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