6 Reasons Why The Demand For Residency & Citizenship by Investment is Surging Amid Covid-19


3. Alternative Investments, Wealth Management & Protection, Diversification & Legacy Planning: Residency & Citizenship-by-Investment programs are sought-after assets and are emerging as an essential strategic investment as part of an efficient and high performing investment portfolio. The investments in most cases can be liquidated after a stipulated holding period should the investor wish to do so. All whilst obtaining an alternative residency or citizenship with all the benefits that entails. It’s about expanding your options, opening doors, extending your horizons and securing your family’s future.

4. Security, Global Mobility, Visa-Free Travel, Education, Health, Quality of Life & Freedom: An alternative residency or citizenship provides a safety net, an exit strategy, wealth preservation as well as a hedge against adverse economic conditions and political uncertainties. Not only is it the ultimate luxury and status symbol; it is also security in freedom of movement, freedom of choice and quality of life. Depending on the investment immigration program chosen, investors, their spouses, their children and in some cases, extended family as well, receive additional benefits that comes with the investment: fast-track residency or citizenship, visa-free travel privileges, access to world-class education and health care systems as well as enhanced business opportunities.

5. Increasingly Accessible & Affordable: It is worth noting that people investing into these programs are no longer just the high-net-worth individuals; it has become a popular commodity amongst the upper middle-class as well.

6. Tax Planning, Offshore Havens, Confidentiality & Asset Management & Planning: The Caribbean Citizenship-by-Investment programs such as Antigua & Barbuda, The Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts & Nevis and St. Lucia, start from USD 100,000 – USD 150,000 onward for their respective donation options. These programs are obtained via donations to their respective National Development Funds or investments into their respective government-approved real estate projects. The secluded and beautiful tropical islands of the Caribbean are renowned offshore tax havens.

“Amid these uncertain times, it is important that we continue providing our clients with solutions. And that is providing the correct information on investment immigration programs, adhering to their requirements, delivery of world-class execution and ensuring professional guidance that translates into a successful approval. We are thankful to our clients whom have entrusted us with their confidence on the future of their businesses and families” said Mr. Jean-Francois Harvey, Founder & Global Managing Partner of HLG. “HLG is witnessing a rapid increase in demand for mobility and investment immigration programs throughout all our offices worldwide in 2020. We foresee this trend to only continue. As a leader in the investment immigration industry, we hope to be able to offer alternative immigration solutions given the intensifying situation” said Mr. Bastien Trelcat, Managing Partner of HLG.

With a proven track record of over 29 years, Harvey Law Group (HLG) announced the completion of its Wan Chai, Hong Kong head office expansion to cater to the growing categories of clients and to support the progress and growing operations of more than 20 of its worldwide offices. These successes marked major milestone achievements within the investment immigration industry with the number of global offices set to grow further.

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