Since we take off to the sky we provide exclusive luxurious services to Domestic and international clients.

Our location at Cairo International airport has made it very convenient for our clients to reach us.

Our schedules are flexible and tailored to suit your needs with a response service around the clock meaning; we can save your last minute’s plans giving you the fastest quotations with no hidden fees.

Driven by our passion and constant strive for perfection we make every flight worth remembering by offering you superior features from high-performance business jets.

Each jet is operated by two pilots – both of which are certified and type rated for the aircraft they are flying.

At Alkan Air we only allow our pilots to fly one aircraft type. This means that in an emergency situation their responses are intuitive and assured. No hesitation. No confusion. No compromise to pilots’ performance, reaction speed or safety in any way.

Regardless of pilots’ experience, whether they have been flying military jets for 20 years of sitting in the captain’s seat of an Airbus for 10 years, Alkan Air puts all pilots through the same training regime. All of them attend flight simulator at Flight Safety International every 6 months.

Not only do strict rules exist, governing the maintenance of the company’s aircraft and who may fly them; aircraft size, airport facilities, and runway length are all factored into the safety equation.