All eyes on BMW 7 Series straight from the future


It is no exaggeration to say that the brand-new BMW 7 Series is the car of the future. It combines high-class innovations and refinements like a work of art created from top materials and designed to meet the best of three worlds.

The world of art forms an elegant appearance, the world of cutting-edge technology caters to every detail of your driving, and the world of power unleashes superiority on your every journey. Irresistibly, BMW 7 Series locks every eye. No one can look away.

Reflecting dignity and confidence, the luxurious appearance stands out with the powerful front and side with vertically installed Air Breather, emphasising the vehicle’s height. The colour and light play between the Bernina Grey body and glittering surface adds elegance to an already classy look, well-matched by swish 20-inch wheels. The interior is another work of art appointed with exclusive materials, equipped with modern connectivity technology and ready to make every drive an elating experience. 

Besides the state-of-the-art technology and design, BMW offers superior power innovation with “BMW 745Le Plug-in Hybrid” that lets you savour the most environmentally friendly driving experience with exciting performance and no pollution.

Another sensational addition to the BMW 745Le Plug-in Hybrid is its distinctive interior and exterior design, from front to rear to cabin, rendering each trip more special.

Highlight features include: 


Large double kidney-shaped grille and new streamlined headlights.


The redesigned, eye-catching rear comes with long slim tail lights connected to the long tail light strip.


The interior has ample foot space. The back comes with adjustable seats and separate backrests of each seat. Plus a footrest that can be stretched by electrical systems.


Open to brightness during the day and fully relaxing with over 15,000 lights at night in six different colours from the AMBIENT LIGHT function controlled by electrical system according to your wish.


Smart functions aid automatic driving control such as: Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function; frontal collision warning systems; brake assist system; distance control system between vehicles; smart system helps pull the car back into the lane with automatic steering wheel delay; and Lane Change Assistant system.

BMW 745Le Plug-in Hybrid also takes into consideration the convenience of special individuals and fulfils every aesthetic of driving pleasure. The Plug-in Hybrid technology allows you to charge easily using a home plug or general power source. It also reduces travel expense when driving with the electric propulsion system which also saves pollution emissions over long distances, especially outside the city. It also helps reduce energy consumption on long journeys thanks to the top performance from the Plug-in Hybrid driven by a 6-cylinder engine and can drive with only an electric motor up to 50 kilometres.

BMW proudly presents the most futuristic vehicle ready to fulfil driving pleasure on every journey. Clearly the BMW 745Le Plug-in Hybrid is a masterpiece ready to catch all eyes and change the definition of travel.

Feel the difference of the great masterpiece for yourself today at BMW Authorized Dealers nationwide.

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