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Magical winters in Norway

Winter is a magical season in the world’s polar regions, when long shadows tint the rugged alpine ranges, gilding granite peaks draped in shining mantles of snow. Fjord villages sparkle with twinkling lights, and the crisp, clear air is spiced with woodsmoke; this is a time Norwegians treasure, and one that visitors will soon fall in love with as well.

Locals venture outside to ski and snowshoe and ride their dogsleds. As a Seabourn guest, you’ll join them, first sailing through towering fjords and then kayaking among the snowcovered islands.

Nights on deck Seabourn Venture are lit by luminescent clouds of stars and (if everything aligns just right) the majestic Northern Lights, the aurora’s ghost-like forms and ethereal colours soaring in silent grandeur over Norway’s peaks and glistening waters.

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