‘Avoid Scapegoating,’ Says Pakistan as Army Beefs up Security Along Afghan Border


Sputnik International

In May, US President Joe Biden announced that his country would end its 20-year-long military presence in Afghanistan and withdraw all forces by 31 August. Since then, the Taliban has made serious gains.

Days after the US State Department stressed the need for Pakistan “to keep its borders open for Afghan refugees,” Islamabad ordered its army to beef up security and place “stringent measures for ensuring effective border control.”

“Being a collective responsibility, all stakeholders have to play their part positively for enduring peace in Afghanistan which is pivotal for stability in the region. Misconceptions and scapegoating must be avoided to counter designs of spoilers,” General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Pakistan’s chief of army staff, said during a high level meeting held in Islamabad on Wednesday.

Pakistan’s armed forces have reviewed the domestic and regional security environment amid a tense situation along the Pakistan-Afghan International border. The two countries share a 2,640 km boundary, with Pakistan fencing nearly 90 percent and deploying soldiers along it. 

​Pakistan’s actions have wider ramifications as the US Department of State unveiled a plan on 2 August to resettle Afghan nationals from third countries in the US. 

Washington has committed to pull out thousands of Afghan citizens who collaborated with the US forces during the country’s almost 20-year campaign in the country, as many are being targeted by the Taliban. 

Turkey had slammed the decision calling it “irresponsible” and one that would lead to a “major refugee crisis in the region.”

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