Bar guide: Where to drink in Jewel Changi Airport


When approached for their sources of national pride, Singaporeans will boast about the following: the local food and beverage scene, how safe the city is, and Changi Airport.

More than just a destination for flights and travellers to come and go, Changi Airport is an experience, a world unto its own. How many others of its kind can tout a swimming pool, butterfly garden, cinema and the world’s largest indoor waterfall in its confines? We’ll wait.

While on the topic of giant waterfalls and bragging rights, let’s look at Jewel Changi Airport, which has become the crowning jewel (we’re not sorry) of the address. This nature-themed entertainment and retail complex caters to both visitors and locals, whether there for a stopover or a weekend jaunt.

Plenty of dining options exist in Jewel Changi Airport, as expected, so it’s easy enough to know where to grab a bite amidst the 135,700 metre-square expanse. When you want a drink, though, things get a little less obvious, and this is where our guide to the best bars in Jewel Changi Airport comes in handy.

Let’s face it, whether you’re travelling from abroad or from your local neighbourhood, making it to Changi is an exercise deserving of a drink.

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