Bella Thorne and Glass House Farms Reveal Three Additions to Forbidden Strains

Photos courtesy Glass House Farms.

Carpinteria Valley, California-based Glass House Farms and actress Bella Thorne recently announced the launch of three new strains as part of the Forbidden Flowers—an exclusive brand of cannabis flower and products. The three latest offerings of curated strains include: Moonbloom Indica, Passion Project Hybrid and Bright Eye Sativa, sold in California dispensaries in 3.5 gram jars and exotic-looking pre-rolls. 

The collaboration between Thorne and Glass House Farms was announced in late 2019, and the actress mentioned plants to explore CBD products in the company’s product pipeline. After a little research and development, the team behind Glass House Farms narrowed down its latest expansion to three new signature strains.

“These new strains bring a whole new realm of experience to our customers,” said Graham Farrar, president of Glass House Group—the company behind Glass House Farms brand of cannabis. “Bella handpicked each strain for its specific properties and effects that connect mind, body and spirit.” Below are the characteristics of the new strains:

  • Moonbloom—an indica that “lifts you with wild bursts of euphoria, beginning with a cerebral build and a heavy, pillowy ending that grounds you on the way back down.
  • Passion Project—the brand’s latest hybrid. It is “fruity and a little funky, herbal and a little earthy.” This is the one you’ll reach for when you want to enhance creativity.
  • Bright Eye—a sativa with a tropical, floral, sour and citrusy notes that will keep your spirits high. 

The three new additions complement and double the company’s growing profile of already-existing strains such as Midnight Thorneberry, an indica; Rosé Lemonade, an indica-dominant hybrid; and Cosmic Wolf, a sativa. Thorne personally helped the company narrowed down signature strain choices.

“I’ve been smoking weed for a good minute,” Thorne told Forbes during the cannabis line’s initial announcement. “When I was younger, I dealt heavily with anxiety and depression and weird eating habits and stomach problems. It was making me miserable. CBD oil and weed were the only things to help me. I don’t believe in pills.”

“These new strains bring a whole new realm of experience to our customers.”

Glass House Farms brand offers fresh flower and cannabis products, sold as eighths, pre-roll singles, multipacks and smalls. Glass House Farms is part of the Glass House Group family of brands. Glass House retail locations in California currently include Bud and Bloom in Santa Ana, The Pottery in Los Angeles, The Farmacy Santa Barbara and The Farmacy Berkeley.

Learn more at Forbidden Flowers website.

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