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Best Vodkas


Straight up or mixed, flavoured or plain, this classic spirit is very versatile. Said to have originated as far back as the 8th or 9th centuries, vodka is the national drink of both Poland and Russia. Crafted by distilling fermented grains, fruits or vegetables, it’s low in calories, but high in potency. Here are the vodkas we’re loving right now. 

Belvedere Vodka Organic Infusions Range

Known to be a super-premium brand, Belvedere has launched an all-organic range. Crafted from organic Polish rye, fruits and botanicals, it’s free from any artificial additives, chemicals, or pesticides. Choose from three distinct yet gentle flavours: blackberry and lemongrass with a hint of sage, lemon and basil with a touch of elderflower, and pear and ginger with a drop of linden honey. 

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L’Orbe Caviar Vodka

Few ingredients ooze luxury like caviar. This bottle contains an inner vial of the delicacy (Royal Baeri), the flavour of which is slowly infused into the alcoholic liquid, via an innovative pearl technology. As such it’s an acquired taste. But it serves as a deeply sophisticated and opulent gift for lovers of the salt-cured roe, presented in a masculine and stylish black bottle. 

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Suntory Haku Vodka

Japanese vodkas have become increasingly popular of late. Haku’s journey begins in Kagoshima and ends in Osaka, where it’s distilled using 100% white sushi rice and filtered through bamboo charcoal. Its creation has been influenced by traditional sake production and provides a smooth, slightly floral finish with hints of citrus and 40% strength. 

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Beluga Noble Russian Vodka

Pure Siberian water is taken from deep artesian wells at the Mariinsk Distillery to create this triple-filtered vodka. Barley malt, honey, extracts of oat and milk thistle also help to create a classic take on the spirit. The result is a very gentle grain flavouring, so Beluga Noble is the ideal base when mixed into a White Russian or Bloody Mary. Alternatively, keep it in the freezer and drink it straight up. 

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Ciroc Pineapple Vodka

For a summary, tropical taste, try Ciroc’s latest flavour – pineapple. It’s made using French grapes (one of the only vodkas brands in the world to take its inspiration from winemaking) and distilled five times, before being infused with pineapple Add a generous dash to conjure up some flavoursome martinis, screwdrivers and chi chis. Bottled at 37.5% ABV it’s also a good option for fun, but slightly lower alcohol beverages. Circo vodka comes from the Charente-Maritime region of France. 

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Broken Clock Vodka

The horology theme of this vodka comes from its creator – a descendent of Leon Kuhajewski, who invented the first astronomical watch in the 19th century. It’s small-batch and British (from a Cheshire based distillery, but infused with organic Yorkshire windfall apples). Broken Clock is popular with gin enthusiasts, thanks to its Georgian garden botanical flavouring – notes of freshly mown grass, herbs, wildflower meadows and orchards can also be detected. The brand was recently awarded a silver medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition

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Bloomsbury Peated Vodka 

Smoky and peaty, this English vodka shares much in common with the whiskies of Islay. Salt, barley phenols, sweet vanilla, toasted coconut and minerals are combined in an artisan micro-distillery, which is based in one of London’s converted dairies. As such, it’s a light yet complex and grown-up drink that’s well suited to savouring straight, or as the main ingredient in a unique martini. 

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Amass Vodka

Bottled in a receptacle that wouldn’t seem out of place in an apothecary, Amass is a trendy vegan vodka. Made in Los Angeles, by a Canadian, with strong Scandi influences, it contains marigold petals, dried chamomile flowers and hand-grated lemon zest. It’s the follow up to the brand’s original dry gin, a sweeter, more summery alternative, distilled in a Danish Aquavit. 

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