Biden fails where it matters most


April 1, 2022: In the past, when the United States was involved in an international armed crisis, a patriotic surge occurred and often helped the sitting American president by nudging his rating up a few notches. That has not happened for Joe Biden, despite the Ukraine invasion being carried out by his country’s arch-rival and taking place in the full glare of the world.

Biden experienced a brief popularity poll rise early last month but is now back in a worrying low (40 something percentage) amid the Democratic Party’s mid-term political fights against the Republicans and Donald Trump’s persistent loose-cannon threat. Why? To quote an old adage, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

In a Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday, 30% of Americans said inflation was the most urgent issue facing the country at the moment. Less than half that number (14%) named what’s happening in Ukraine.

That finding is echoed in a Kaiser Family Foundation survey released Thursday. More than half of those polled, or 55% of Americans, said that the biggest issue facing the country was inflation and rising prices. Just 18% named Ukraine as the America’s biggest problem.

So, the economy is what’s on Americans’ mind the most. And Biden has basically flunked the test. Just 1 in 3 Americans (34%) approved of how Biden was handling the economy in the Quinnipiac poll, with 58% not satisfied. (That same poll had Biden roughly even — 44% approve, 45% disapprove — in how he is handling Ukraine.)


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