Bystanders captured on camera saving baby pinned under car by alleged drunk driver


Police officers and bystanders trying to rescue the child trapped under the car  (Yonkers Police Department/YouTube)

Police officers and bystanders trying to rescue the child trapped under the car (Yonkers Police Department/YouTube)

Bystanders and police officers in Yonkers, New York, saved a baby who was pinned under a car after an alleged drunk driver crashed into a shop on Friday.

According to a video released by the Yonkers Police Department, an out-of-control car rammed into a parked one, then turned and hit a woman who was carrying her baby. The car dragged the two into a barber shop with the woman on the hood of the car, reported NBC News.

Two police officers who were in the vicinity of the crash site rushed to the spot. The video shows bystanders in the shop and police officers lifting and pushing the car to free the baby trapped under it.

While one of the officers was lifting the car with bystanders, the other one pulled the baby from beneath the car. The video showed one of the officers saying “I got the baby.”

The footage from the body cameras of the two officers showed everyone reacting to the accident within seconds while the car was in the middle of the shop.

The officers told ABC News that the driver of the car did get out of the car and immediately went over to see if the woman was ok. They also said that it is a miracle that the mother and the baby survived the crash.

According to the police, the 36-year-old mother and her eight-month-old baby are hospitalised but are doing well. The infant suffered a fractured skull while the mother has a leg fracture. The police, however, did not reveal their names.

Meanwhile, police have arrested the driver, David Poncurak, 43, for driving while allegedly being intoxicated. However, the woman who was with him in the car was uninjured.

Police found an alcoholic beverage in the accused’s car and now he faces a charge of second-degree vehicular assault. Police also claimed that Mr Poncurak did not have a license.

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