Cactus throat: It’s hard to beat a good visual metaphor


Ad Nut’s got a soft spot for old-school, tried-and-true ad techniques, like the simple visual metaphor used here.

Throat feels like a cactus? Take Difflam. The end.

So clear. So quick. So hopefully memorable when people are stricken by a dry, prickly throat and are seeking relief.

The campaign is by agency The Teeth for iNova Pharmaceuticals’ Difflam brand. It has launched in Singapore and Malaysia and will extend to Hong Kong later this year. It includes films, social media content and in-store communications.

Keen-eyed readers (or botanists) will note that there are actually two types of cacti depicted. One for dry and itchy sore throats, and another for “painful stabbing” sore throats. The visual is so strong that Ad Nut suddently feels in need of a lozenge.

The films were produced by Breed and the photography is by Colossal, in Singapore. The visual effects are by The Imago in Brazil.

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