Campaign asks: Would you take a salary sacrifice to work from home full-time?


Campaign Asia-Pacific is soliciting industry thoughts on work preferences, and whether those in the APAC ad industry would be willing to take a salary cut in order to live outside the city and work from home full-time.

The topic has become a source of debate since Silicon Valley giants such as Facebook, Google and Twitter have revealed plans to reduce the salaries of those who relocate outside their main office locations and who wish to work from home permanently.

Google is experimenting with a pay calculator, seen by Reuters, that shows employees how their salaries will be impacted if they choose to work from home permanently. The salary reduction compounds the farther away from the office they are. It shows that an employee living an hour away from Google’s New York City office would be taking a 10% pay cut if they worked from home full time.

Facebook and Twitter have said they will adjust compensation to those who relocate to lower-cost cities.

But other companies, such as Reddit and Zillow, believe offering the same salary benefits regardless of location can help improve diversity while benefitting hiring and retention.

While these experiments chiefly relate to tech headquarters in the US, they will likely impact global policies in the future. So Campaign Asia-Pacific is gathering the opinions of those working in the region, and whether they would be willing to take a pay cut in order to live in a more remote location, or to work from home permanently. 

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