Cannabis Workforce Report Predicts 100,000 New Jobs in 2022, Reveals More Findings


While cannabis as a business pushes forward in the United States, we are collectively gaining more insights on the booming industry. CannabizTeam Worldwide, a leading cannabis-focused executive search and staffing firm, aids professionals and consumers alike in dissecting the vast amount of data, releasing the fourth edition of their Cannabis Industry Salary Guide, according to a press release

The 2022 guide is a comprehensive report giving insight to employers and prospective employees in the cannabis industry. It covers hiring trends in the U.S. Cannabis industry, the top 10 states for cannabis jobs, national salary ranges for more than 60 of the most prevalent cannabis positions in the country and more.

CannabizTeam CEO Liesl Bernard looked back at 2021 and said the cannabis industry continued to flourish, despite some growing pains.

“We expect the industry to continue growing in 2022 with expanding MSOs, increase in available capital, more established brands and high population newly-legal adult-use cannabis states including Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We currently project the U.S. industry will add over 100,000 new cannabis jobs this year.”

Aside from the projection surrounding new cannabis jobs, the report reveals a number of findings and trends surrounding the U.S. cannabis market:

Medical and adult-use companies are increasingly turning to temporary or “on-demand” workers to fill their short-term and mid-term needs in regard to cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution and retail. While flower is always a favorite of connoisseurs, the rising demand for cannabis edibles, beverages and topicals has also shown an increase in companies hiring extraction, manufacturing and testing talent.

The report also notes the potential for rising salaries within the industry. Because of the costs of acquiring and keeping quality team membership, additionally fueled by the competition for available talent, and nationwide salary inflation, the report notes Cannabis industry salaries rose by 4 percent on average last year. Compensation for senior executives rose as such as 10 percent.

CannabizTeam collected the salary ranges through proprietary salary data, salary surveys and independent research from trusted sources collected through the end of 2021’s final quarter.

According to a collaborative study from Leafly and the Whitney Institute, cannabis added 77,000 jobs in 2020, representing a 32 percent, year-on-year growth and a 161 percent increase over the past four years. As the U.S. economy saw the workforce stripped by about 4.3 million people as of October 2021, the cannabis workforce is ballooning and proving to be recession-proof, with cannabis job growth far exceeding that of other industries.

The uptick in jobs has also been observed at the top and bottom rungs of the industry, according to a report from MG Magazine. Though, cannabis is an interesting market to observe this workforce boom, given that it is still relatively young and highly regulated.

“The challenge of this industry right now is it needs to hire tens of thousands of people a year who have never worked professionally in cannabis,” FlowerHire Founder and CEO David Belsky told MG Magazine. “The way the job search process works in most industries is if you want to hire a server, you look for someone with experience working in restaurants. You can’t really do that in cannabis yet.”

This, combined with the “Great Resignation” of 2021, as millions of Americans quit their jobs, also presents an opportunity for the cannabis industry, potentially an opening to search for jobs with more purpose.

“We are seeing a lot of people who sat down during the pandemic and started to reevaluate their careers,” said Viridian Staffing Co-Founder and CEO Kara Bradford.

We’ll have to trek forward into 2022 to fully realize what the future could hold for the cannabis workforce in the U.S., but it’s safe to say it won’t be slowing down any time soon.

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