Careless, Greed among the reasons people fall for online scams, users told to be vigilant – SAC Victor Sanjos


KUALA LUMPUR — One of the most common reasons people fall for online scams are due to being careless and greedy as suggested by Bukit Aman’s Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) Deputy Director for (CyberCrime and Multimedia Investigation) SAC Victor Sanjos.

People dealing via online should not be careless and be too naive in the online or cyberspace world, SAC Victor Sanjos was sharing his thoughts during the #TakNakScam campaign which was virtually launched today.

Also, Victor Sanjos pointed out that although we have a number of campaigns and awareness out there to always remember the scam issues, at times people easily tend to forget these campaigns.

Sharing his experience, when someone comes to us after a police report is lodged, we do ask them about the awareness campaigns being widely shared from time to time, but they tend to reply that they have forgotten about it.

Thus in tackling these situations, SAC Victor shared some tips where they should always verify, validate before making any decisions.

By having this #TakNakScam campaign, he hopes more of the online users will heed to follow closely the mantra of Spot, Check and Report.

More importantly, SAC Victor and other panelists who attended the event shared a common platform to increase the level of digital literacy among the online users as a way to upskill the understanding and awareness level of the cyber world happenings.

According to the Royal Malaysian Police, cyber crime fraud in Malaysia is on the rise at a concerning level and over the last five years, a total of 67,552 cyber scams were reported between 2017 and 20 June 2021.

Of the total, e-commerce scams top the list with 23,011 cases, followed by illegal loans (21,008) cases and investment scam at 6,273 cases.

#TakNakScam Virtual Press Launch Panel Session was launched on today by Deputy Minister for Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Datuk Rosol Wahid.

Others who attended the event are Justin Murugaya, Interim Country Director, Malaysia at Facebook and Nur Asyikin binti Aminuddin, Deputy Secretary, FOMCA to shed light on this joint campaign to empower Malaysians in avoiding and combating financial scams.

The event was organised by Facebook Malaysia, as part of the industry effort to fight financial scams, Royal Malaysia Police’s Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) and Facebook Malaysia, in partnership with government agencies, industry and consumer associations are set to launch a nationwide #TakNakScam financial scam consumer education campaign.

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