CBD-Infused Toothpaste Hits the Market


CBD-infused toothpaste is now an option, because of course it is. In 2020, CBD can be found in all types of products ranging from from a full range of topicals to CBD-infused mattresses, and it was only a matter of time until it was marketed in toothpaste. SprinJene®, announced the launch of its CBD Toothpaste in a press release, available for online sale beginning on December 7.

The toothpaste formulation was developed by Dr. Sayed Ibrahim and Zelira Therapeutics, a global therapeutic medical cannabis company. Since gum problems related to inflammation and bacteria are common, the benefits of CBD can be effective for improving the act of brushing teeth.

“The SprinJene brand is built on harnessing the power of natural ingredients to protect and improve our oral health, and CBD, with its inherent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and homeostatic properties are shown to be powerful tools in that fight,” Dr. Sayed Ibrahim, CEO of SprinJene, told Yahoo Finance. “Research is showing that cannabinoids will be a major part of the future of oral care, and Zelira was the perfect partner for Sprinjene to set the industry standard in broad spectrum, hemp-derived oral care formulations.”

CBD can naturally eliminate decay-causing bacteria, reduce gum inflammation, restore pH balance and increase remineralization which otherwise can lead to bone loss associated with gum disease.

“SprinJene® was an early adopter of nature-based oral care, and they are continuing to innovate now by recognizing the effectiveness of CBD and other cannabinoids in improving our head-to-toe health,” says Dr. Oludare Odumosu, Zelira’s CEO & Managing Director (USA). “Zelira is thrilled to enter the national oral care market alongside a company that values the harmony of nature and science as much as we do.”

As CBD is not psychotropic like THC, the toothpaste works for morning brushing before work. Click here to learn more.

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