Choose these 6 cocktails under 200 calories for a guilt-free festive season


It’s a perpetual summer here so we don’t blame you for wanting to hang out by the poolside bar all afternoon sipping on frosty cocktails and ice cold beers. The bad news is that if you’re trying to watch your calorie intake, there’s going to be little on the cocktail menu that won’t add empty calories to your daily goal.

The general rule of thumb for cocktails: more ingredients equals more calories. Complex concoctions that call for syrups, juices and liqueurs usually mean added sugars and empty carbohydrates that provide no nutrition while you pack on the pounds.

To put things into perspective, a frozen margarita will set you back about 675 calories, which is about the equivalent of chowing down three and a half Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. Your biggest teenage vice, the Long Island Tea, is also a calorie bomb. Packing in at up to 780 calories a glass, the mix of tequila, vodka, rum, triple sec, gin and cola is definitely nowhere near as healthy as a cup of regular iced tea. Likewise, a piña colada is delicious until you realise it contains up to 650 calories per serving.

But there’s hope for thirsty partygoers. When it comes to getting the most alcohol for the fewest calories, shots and straight booze on the rocks are the way to go, and a spritz of tonic water or lemon juice can help enhance the flavour sans the sugar.

But for those who can’t give up their cocktails, here are some that are under 200 calories, so you don’t feel bad about having a bit of fun.

6 cocktails under 200 calories to knock back this festive season:

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