City Uni’s FOCI shares webinar to cultivate skills for surviving in a post pandemic world



Petaling Jaya, Aug 14 – Following the COVID-19 situation in Malaysia, The Faculty of Creative Industries, City University has taken an initiative by organizing a webinar to share the ‘Skills for surviving in a post pandemic world.’

Moderated by Mass communication lecturer, Puteri Nuraqidah Ismaroom Abd Razak and industry experts Mr. Ramani Parkunan, Senior Editor in Asia News Today and two fellow academicians from City University, Mr Derek Tolcher, Director of Design and Ts. Saw Eu Gene, Head of Graphic and Multimedia Department shared insights, experiences and hopes with the virtual audience to enhance new skills to keep pace with the changes of technology.

The virtual webinar in hope to attract students and public to learn and understand more, it revealed the essential skills required to face the challenges and new adaptation of digital transformation process to survive during the post pandemic periods.

Throughout the session, Ramani Parkunan shared his insights as a media practitioner and how he views the transformation of digital communication in the future.

According to him, Malaysia has reshaped the news sharing landscape by adapting to digital platform hence it is important to understand on the readers interest, types of stories and its impactful values and even suggested that the academic and industry should find ways to have more partnerships that will help the students to gain more practical knowledge, experiences and a new way of learning.

The webinar also highlighted the importance of forward thinking to accelerate the capabilities of future leaders in constant learning culture. “As a learning institution, City University is aware of the current future needs and right now we are fostering with the digital environment whereby the students may utilize the key building blocks for the practical and learning comprehension whilst preparing them for them to be ready and embrace the future expectations”. said Ts. Saw Eu Gene.

Meanwhile, Derek Tolcher, Director of Fashion, City University shared that to survive and thrive, acquiring the right skills is more vital.

“Right skills are technology literacy, analytic literacy and human centred literacy that should be in line in order to create greater opportunity in the future. However, too much reliance on technology is not necessarily beneficial.

“The adoption of new technologies will drive the future growth but a strike balance is needed between transforming ourselves and preparing for the betterment of our life.

“We can only predict with reasonable certainty and uncertainty the breakthrough of technologies but we are the one who should train ourselves with a new opportunity in shaping our future”.

This is one of the main initiatives envisaged by City University to share webinar series to all walks of life to learn the insights of education, experience and future expectation.

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