CMG Pharmaceutical Launches Korea’s First Nanographene LED Mask

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Grenos Graphene LED Mask

CMG Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of Cha Biotech, announced on Jan. 11 that it has launched a graphene LED beauty mask and entered the homecare beauty and subscription business in earnest.

The company’s Grenos Graphene LED Mask is the first LED beauty mask in Korea based on nanographene technology.

The LED mask uses 720 LED light sources consisting of three wavelengths — red, blue, and near-infrared rays. Using these three wavelengths, it offers customized skin care through four modes — the Blue Mode specialized for skin soothing care, the Red Mode for boosting skin elasticity, the Pink Mode that combines the strengths of the Blue Mode and the Red Mode, and the Perfect Mode for the skin of busy modern people.

The results of a human body test show that the use of the mask for four weeks boosts skin moisturization by 40 percent, skin density by 12 percent, and skin elasticity by 3 percent. Moreover, it is possible to change the mask’s modes and control the amount of LED light by using an exclusive smartphone application. It can steadily manage users’ skin conditions.

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