Communicating by the moon


During this week’s Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival, celebrations in China most often involve colourful lanterns and decadent mooncakes, sometimes housed in ever-more elaborate and decorative boxes. 

But to mark the event this year, Fred & Farid Shanghai opted for a more inventive approach to reflect the reunion of family, resilience and feeling of togetherness that the full moon represents. 

The agency created a new typeface inspired by the shape and rotation of the moon. This ‘MoonFace’ includes 26 letters, 10 numbers and 20 punctuation marks. 

Here’s how the creative team describes it: 

Each letter is surrounded by a circle to indicate the complete state of the moon, and the changing axis is a representation of its rotation and the infinite angles behind it.  A way to remind us that just like the moon, we have the power to shift and refresh ourselves in a cyclical process—and that our world is in perpetual motion that we can embrace.

Letters: asia%2fcontent%2fScreenshot+2021 09 23+at+2.02.19+PM

Punctuation: asia%2fcontent%2fScreenshot+2021 09 23+at+2.02.03+PM

Numbers: asia%2fcontent%2fScreenshot+2021 09 23+at+2.01.19+PM

Those interested in conversing in moon may download the font here. asia%2fcontent%2ff61ec0a6118e40b89b5505b703b88504You’ve arrived at Inspiration Station, a weekly look at imaginative and artistic work from creators of all kinds across Asia-Pacific. Step off for a minute to recharge your creative batteries and find inspiration for that next big idea of yours further down the track.

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