Convenience Stores Release Luxury Gifts for Chuseok Holiday


Convenience store operators are competing over rather unusual luxury gifts with the Chuseok holiday just around the corner.

Stores expect that consumers will replace gifts with luxury goods as many are bound to spend the Korean Thanksgiving holidays indoors and engage in so-called ‘revenge spending.’

GS25 released a 2.03-carat diamond as a gift for the Chuseok holiday, priced at 38.3 million won (US$32,785).

The store also released a package of six wine bottles that costs around 10 million won.

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CU became the first convenience store franchise to sell a yacht, priced between 249 million won and 906 million won.

The franchise, continuing from last year, will sell mobile homes with more variety, including four kinds of multi-story homes and one type of single-story home.

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E-Mart24 will sell a 1-ounce pure gold medal in celebration of the founding of SSG Landers baseball club for the Chuseok holiday.

E-Mart, E-Mart24′s parent company, is the team’s new corporate owner.

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