Creative Minds: Nikki Golez writes to right wrongs


Name: Nikki Golez

Origin: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (moved to Bacolod City, Philippines, at the age of 4).

Places lived/worked: University in Quezon City, Philippines. Further studies in Miami, USA. Stops in Boston, New York, and Chicago. Today works in Makati City, Philippines.

Pronouns: She/her


  • Creative director, Dentsu Jayme Syfu, Philippines (2017-present)
  • Creative director, BBDO Guerrero, Philippines (2015-2017)
  • Associate creative director, BBDO Guerrero, Philippines (2014-2015)
  • Copywriter, BBDO Guerrero, Philippines (2011-2014)
  • Copywriter, Crush Philippines, Philippines (2008-2009)

1. How did you end up being a creative?

I thought I was going to be a journalist, then realized that I didn’t have the guts for it. (Maria Ressa shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 for “efforts to safeguard freedom of expression”; it’s pretty dangerous to be a journalist in the Philippines.) So I took my curiosity and writing skills to advertising.

2. What’s your favourite piece of work in your portfolio?

Right now, I’m pretty proud of The Unlimited Love Langauge. It’s a contributor-run website that helps straight allies learn why certain things sound hurtful to LGBTQIA+ people, and what would sound better instead. The anonymous browsing and ability to get insights from multiple people is a great way to genuinely engage with and learn from a group you’re not a part of. And we’re looking at expanding it to other minority communities, to address the limited love that they hear. [See Campaign’s original coverage of this work here: “‘Tolerance is not acceptance’: Dentsu Philippines tackles hurtful LGBTQIA+ language“.] asia%2fcontent%2fgolez TULL

3. What’s your favourite piece of work created by someone else?

It’s a Tide ad‘ is an all-timer. Great insight, pretty funny creative, and a completely committed client. Perfect.

4. What advice would you give to 10-year-old you, if you could?

There’s no one way that your life should be. Be open to anything and everything!

5. What would you do on your perfect day?

I’d spend the day walking around a town or city in another country. Enjoy some nature, take in some art or culture, have some local food and drink. And not look at my phone at all!

6. What’s your favorite music / film / TV show / book / other of the past year, and why?

Mythic Quest is a workplace comedy about the world’s biggest MMORPG [massively multiplayer online role-playing game], but I think that anyone in advertising can relate to it. If you have to watch just one episode, check out ‘Backstory!’, the standalone episode about the game’s lead writer. It’s a really great character study.

7. Tell us about an artist (any medium) that we’ve never probably heard of.

@kobusher is an ex-teammate from BBDO Guerrero who loves warping pop-culture icons. Follow him on Instagram to see when/where his stuff’s available internationally.

8. What’s your guilty pleasure? 

I’ve seen way too many episodes of 90 Day Fiancé, the reality series that follows Americans and their foreign significant others on a 90-days-to-marry visa. My favorite part is when the foreign fiancés up for themselves. Not everyone’s a gold digger!

9. Tell us about a charity or cause you think needs more attention.

The Golden Gays supports LGBTQ senior citizens in the Philippines. The intersectionality of their situation makes things really difficult for them. Ex-teammates from Dentsu Jayme Syfu were able to raise a year’s rent for them, plus a little more. But medical needs and stability are always concerns. The Golden Gays need every little bit of help that they can get. So if you can, reach out to them at [email protected] or [email protected].

10. Do you have any recurring dreams?

Since the pandemic, I’ve been traveling a lot in my dreams. But in an action suspense thriller kind of way. I wish they were just hanging out on the beach dreams!

11. Early riser or night owl?

Definitely a night owl. But a home night owl. Not a party night owl.

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