Daughter of Afghan Diplomat Expects Candid Investigation Into Her Kidnapping in Pakistan


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MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The daughter of the Afghan ambassador in Pakistan, Selsela Alikhil, who was briefly kidnapped in Islamabad last month, said on Wednesday that she expected the Pakistani authorities to cooperate on the incident “in an honest manner” and punish the perpetrators.

“My expectation from the Pakistani authorities is to cooperate in an honest manner, and to arrest and punish the perpetrators without any further delay,” Selsela said in a video address posted on her Facebook.

The top envoy’s daughter noted that the investigation team repeatedly asked the same questions, while doctors were asking her to tell “what happened from the first point to the last point,” instead of conducting significant medical check-ups that would directly help the police investigation.

The diplomat’s daughter was abducted in mid-July on her way home and released after several hours of torture. Following the incident, the Afghan foreign ministry sent a delegation to Pakistan soon to follow up on the investigation and assess the security situation.

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