Day 06: All the festive desserts and nibbles to order for Christmas 2020


No one thought we would be celebrating Christmas in the midst of a pandemic, yet here we are. This year, things are a little different: We’re pulling our lens back to examine our year and shine the spotlight on little things over the next 12 days – both material and immaterial that one can either gift or savour now or in the next year. Here’s Day 6, for those looking for something delicious.

Now that you’ve got your booze and gifts sorted, and you’ve decided on where you’re getting your festive feast fix from, its time to move on our favourite part of the night: log cakes and desserts.

The traditional ritual of burning logs for the yuletide season has since been altered to what we know as log cakes today, but its meaning still remains. We gather round for the festive season to celebrate our love for one another, and to usher in a fresh start to the new year. Besides, the best way to celebrate anything is with some sweet treats, and we’re not letting anyone tell us otherwise.

log cakes christmas 2020
(Image credit: Goodwood Park Hotel)

Read on for all our favourite log cakes and desserts we’re digging into this Christmas 2020.

(Hero and featured image credit: Pan Pacific Singapore)

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