Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, an estimated 7 million people have lost their job. Low-income workers are hit the hardest making it exceedingly difficult for them to access basic life necessities.

In neighborhoods and communities around Bangkok, including families and children, face hunger every day. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people in Bangkok were already struggling to find their next meal on a daily basis, and that number is now rising at an exponential rate.

Friso Poldervaart, Johannes Bergstrom, Patrich Andersson, and Bunyapat Phochailerd, the entrepreneurs behind Dinner in the Sky Thailand luxury experience, have joined forces to start a charity enterprise they named “Dinner from the Sky” in reference to their previous venture.

The four then launched a fundraising campaign on Weeboon.com to be able to buy and donate food and essential supplies to slum communities in Bangkok. Backed by hundreds of donors, they raised over 480,000 baht in a just a matter of days.

Several days a week, the four are still doing donations alongside volunteers while providing updates and photos of the charity progress on their Facebook page.


Meanwhile, the Rotary Club of Bangkapi has decided to offer additional financial support to the project by setting up its own fundraiser on its website. Funds raised there will be sent to Dinner from the Sky. On top of that, Rotarians have offered to assist with the distribution on the field on a later date which still need to be determined by both parties.

Friso Poldervaart, Co-Founder of Dinner in the Sky Thailand stated – “We’ve been here for so many years and Thailand is our home. As soon as the pandemic hit, we felt the immediate urge to reach out and help. Thailand is well on the way of containing Covid-19, but that does not mean the problems are gone. It is now we need to keep going, find more sustainable and long-term ways of helping and for that we need continuous support.”

Johannes Bergstrom, Co-Founder of Dinner in the Sky Thailand said – “We don’t want to live in the kind of world where we don’t look out for each other. Not just the people that are close to us, but anybody who needs a helping hand. And I believe we all can do our part to make a better world.”

Quoc Nguyen, CEO and Co-Founder of Weeboon stated – “Dinner from the Sky is doing a tremendous job in supporting underprivileged families in Thailand with food, facemasks, and various essential items on a large scale during this crisis. Weeboon.com is extremely humbled to be a part of their initiative by providing an efficient online fundraising tool to centralize donations in one place and increase transparency for their donors.”

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