Disney orchestrates a symphony of diversity


In May, the warm music video below began to circulate on social channels. In it, True Colors Symphony (TCS) plays an adaptation of ‘A whole new world’, from Disney’s animated movie Aladdin. The rendition’s combinatiion of western instruments with traditional Chinese instruments such as the Erhu and Dizi, as well as the diverse makeup of the orchestra, proved touching to audiences.

TCS, founded in 2019, is billed as the largest all-inclusive orchestra in Hong Kong. It has over 200 members from different backgrounds, abilities, ages, backgrounds and cultures. With members ranging from 7 to over 70 years old, the group inclues visually impaired, hearing impaired, autistic and intellectually challenged musicians.

Twenty-two TCS members performed in the music video under the baton of Homer Lee, a veteran musician from the Hong Kong Philharmonic. Millennial singer-songwriter Phil Lam joined as a guest performer on the alto saxophone.

The project involved Sony Hong Kong, Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Disneyland. In addtion to social channels, the video was also played on public video walls in the city’s busy Causeway Bay district.

True Colors Symphony also held a concert at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre on July 8, which included Cantopop icon George Lam (Lam Tsz Cheung) and Lam as guest performers.

True Colors Symphony’s JUly 8 concert

TCS is a project of PMA Music Foundation, which was founded in 2003 and works with musicians and inspirational figures to bring hope and care to unprivileged children and families. The foundation is supported by the family of KH Poon, Deutsche Bank, Born to Be, Mount Ambitious, Tiger Jade Capital, and Lalamove, among others.


Composer: Alan Menken

Arranger: Elliot Leung

Alto saxophone: Phil Lam

Erhu: Yang Enhua

Dizi: Lei Tsz Shing

Conductor: Homer Lee

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