Disturbing snake video goes viral


Footage of a man throwing dozens of snakes off a road with his bare hands has gone viral after it was uploaded on social media.

    Incredible footage of a man hurling snakes off a road has gone viral.

    The video, uploaded to Reddit, shows a disturbing number of snakes slithering on the edge of the road as a man, apparently unfazed by the mass of serpents, dispatches the snakes into the bushland.

    The fearless man uses his bare hands to hurl and push the snakes away from the road, with the short clip showing one of the reptiles thrown a particularly long distance.

    A crowd of people can be seen watching the incredible feat take place — at a safe distance.

    It’s unclear where or when the incident took place, but some Reddit users suggested the warmth of the road had attracted the snakes, and the man was clearing them to ensure they were not harmed.

    Heavy rain may have also driven the snakes to higher ground.

    The video attracted thousands of comments.

    “Yeeting snakes to save snake lives,” one commenter wrote.

    “Balls. Of. Steel.”

    “You’ve got to be kidding me! We just spent an hour climbing up there!” one said.

    “Losing at snakes and ladders,” another responded.

    The snake that was vaulted high into the air was also the subject of discussion.

    “Most of the snakes he was pretty good with, but for some reason, he yeeted that one snake near the end into the stratosphere,” one person wrote.

    “No idea why that one in particular got launched into orbit,” another said.

    “One snake went for the ride of his life towards the end.”

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