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Edit Your Travel Videos Using This Free Windows Video Editor


January 13, 2022 Tech No Comments

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Travel filmmaking and editing is fun and gratifying endeavour. Even if you’re a seasoned filmmaker or editor, you have to start somewhere. To begin, you’ll probably want to learn how to edit vacation footage. Also, the video editing program you’re using has a significant impact. Working with a skilled video editor is critical to making the most of your vacation footage. Even a novice traveller can turn the most basic footage into an attractive vacation film with the right video editing tools.

A good trip video aims to spin a tale and take the audience on a journey through the images. Everything from the appearance of your video to the final sound and picture quality will be influenced by how you put it all together. You may produce a journey film for yourself as a keepsake, or you can share it with your loved ones. Videos that include both broad and close-up views are preferable. If you follow these recommendations, you’ll be well on your way to producing a high-quality trip film.

With the help of a professional video editing program, you will learn how to edit a vacation film step-by-step. Let’s zoom in!

Create a professional rip film using a free Video Editor for Windows.

The initial stages in preparing:  Begin editing your vacation videos once you’ve found an easy to use and suitable video editor. The ‘New Video’ button opens the video editing window.

  • First things first, get your media organised.

Before recording, it is essential to organise all of your material in chronological order to guarantee that your holiday video is built appropriately. You may remove any clips that aren’t needed or wanted from here.

  • Add video clips to the timeline.

Drag and drop video streams from your storage media or select to import them using the ‘Import Media Files option. It’s a simple matter of dragging and dropping the clips into the timeline to modify them.

  • Edit videos with editing tools.

Use video editing tools such as transitions, overlays, and soundtracks to bring the project to a successful end. A preliminary cut must be created using tools like splitting, cropping, rotating, etc., to eliminate unnecessary files.

  • Use Filtration and Special FX together.

More than 300 filters, features, and overlays may be found under the ‘Effects’ tab of the application. You may now apply effects like blur, distortion, and pixelate to your video.

  • Use of the Transition process when creating your design

A chronological playlist plays all of your videos back in chronological order. For smooth transitions between videos, transitions are a must-have. With the Transitions tab open, just drag a transition between clips to apply an effect. With Windows Video Editor, you have an abundance of free transitions.

  • Might add some sound effects (background audio).

Musical accompaniment and audio effects may enhance the emotional impact of a vacation video. If you’d want to add a sound effect, click on the Audio tab and select one from the editor’s vast audio library. Just drag it to your desired spot on the audio track and drop it there. You may further personalise the audio tracks to your preferences by importing your tunes.

  • Give a personal narrative

It’s time to turn your vacation video into a stunning piece of art. Don’t forget to use transitions, images, special effects, and voiceovers when telling your story. As long as you have a solid foundation and a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, there is no set formula for proceeding. With the aid of the excellent video editor, the minute-by-minute tour is now in full swing!

  • Make sure to save and upload your work.

Save your completed travel movie in whichever version you desire. Click on ‘Export’ and pick a method of transferring the edited video to your computer. Alternatively, if you wish to upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo, select ‘YouTube Reels’ or ‘Google video’ as the video file type.

A Travel Videographer must-know checklist

  • Consider your options when selecting video clips.

Before you start shooting your holiday video, think about the story you want to tell and the tone you want to convey. Use vibrant, vivid footage full of exciting activities to create an exciting, adventurous holiday video for your viewers. Just because you got some great shots of a flooded forest doesn’t mean you have to include it in your film or video.

  • Use a variety of perspectives and angles when taking photos.

Your vacation video can benefit from the creative use of the long, medium, and close-up shots to keep the audience engaged and the film interesting. People have short attention spans because there are so many travel videos, so you must constantly change your visuals to keep them engaged. Real-time discussion of an action and its effects are more interesting than a studio monologue followed by long views showing you in action.

  • Keep it concise.

People have too little time to watch long travel videos, so put up short clips that can be easily shared on social media sites like YouTube. You can do it in a couple of minutes in your spare time. If you have a long travel story to tell, consider breaking it into several shorter videos.

  • Narrative.

It takes a special kind of talent to describe one’s own experiences on the spot. If you have trouble speaking in front of the camera, this may not be the job for you. After filming, voice-overs can be recorded and then inserted into the footage. Text graphics can enhance explanations.

  • Make it sound good!

Sound and audio effects can make or break a travel movie in various ways. The sound drives the pace of the video while also setting the mood. Give yourself plenty of time to get the best sound for each scene or part. Do not use music that requires a licence fee to post your film on social media.


A travel vlog might be as essential as a short peek at an intriguing location, or as extensive as a personal diary. Keep this guide handy to speed up video editing or production. Make more excellent films in the future, and don’t stop!

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