Flooding Prompts Evacuations in Germany, Belgium


BERLIN—Germany and neighboring countries were evacuating new areas hit or threatened by the region’s worst flooding in decades as the death toll across that part of Europe rose to around 170 on Saturday, with rescuers searching for hundreds still missing.

Rainfall subsided at the start of the weekend, but authorities warned the flooding could continue for several more days before the water retreated. Farmland was devastated across the region.

More bodies were being recovered from flooded houses, building rubble and cars crushed by the torrent—meaning the final death toll is likely to be greater, several German officials said.

“The suffering just doesn’t stop,” Malu Dreyer, the premier of Rhineland Palatinate, one of the two German states affected, said on Friday. Ms. Dreyer said rescuers everywhere were finding the bodies of victims as the waters were withdrawing.

“One can only weep. This is horror,” she said.

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