Foreigners on short-term visas warned they must leave Thailand by September 26


Thai Immigration officials are warning foreigners on short-term visas that they must make arrangements to leave the country before September 26. A visa amnesty in place as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic was recently extended until that date, but it looks like authorities want to make clear there will be no further extension, except in the case of illness or other mitigating circumstances.

If you are ill, you must present yourself at the nearest immigration office with a medical certificate that confirms you are unable to travel. In the event of there being no flights operating, or a new Covid-19 outbreak in your country, you should contact your embassy for a letter of confirmation that requests you be granted a temporary stay in the Kingdom. This letter should be presented at your nearest Immigration office. Should you be given leave to remain, it will not exceed an extra 30 days.

In the lead up to the expiration of the visa amnesty last month, before it was extended again, some Embassies said they would not provide letters to support short term visa extensions. The UK and US Embassies specifically said they wouldn’t. The Australian government said they would. You will need to contact your Embassy if you are seeking such documentation and discuss your personal situation.

Expats whose long-term visas are due for renewal will need to submit an application for an extension of stay at their local immigration office, as per usual. Nation Thailand reports that all extensions will be effective from September 27 and people are urged to apply in advance to avoid overcrowding at immigration offices.

As a moratorium on 90 day reporting was introduced during the Covid crisis, all those who did not file a 90 day report during the period March 26 to July 31, are now required to do so during the month of August.

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