Former Boys and Girls Club director in the Florida Keys arrested on fraud charges


The former executive director of the Boys and Girls Club of the Keys is facing felony fraud charges after Key West police said he stole from the nonprofit he ran for 17 years.

Dan Dombroski, 66, of Big Pine Key, faces 12 charges for what Key West police called an “ongoing, systematic course of conduct,” during which he used the Boys and Girls Club account to write nine checks to himself for fraudulent reimbursements.

Those checks totaled $4,239.

But police said Dombroski also had more than $41,000 in his personal bank account that hasn’t been explained.

Police discovered “numerous checks written out in large amounts” to Dombroski, according to the arrest affidavit written by Detective Gusatvo Medina.

The money was deposited into Dombroski’s First State Bank account from the Boys and Girls Club First State Bank account, Medina wrote.

Over a four-year span, the nonprofit issued checks payable to petty cash for a little more than $68,000, police said, and $41,117 in cash deposits were made into the bank account shared by Dombroski and his wife, Lori Dombroski.

The $41,117 “was unsupported by any other known financial employment by” Dombroski, the arrest affidavit states.

“I believe that’s a very conservative number, the $41,000,” Bill Archer, the former chairman of the nonprofit’s board of directors, said in an interview Monday. “I believe what we found is what we found, but there was a lot more.”

Dan Dombroski was arrested July 16, 2021, at his home on Big Pine Key after police said he defrauded the Boys and Girls Club of the Keys nonprofit when he was executive director.

Dan Dombroski was arrested July 16, 2021, at his home on Big Pine Key after police said he defrauded the Boys and Girls Club of the Keys nonprofit when he was executive director.

Dombroski, who resigned from the nonprofit in January 2019, was arrested Friday night at his home and taken to the county jail on Stock Island. He was released Saturday evening after posting a $52,500 bond and is due in court July 30 to hear the formal charges in an arraignment.

He faces 10 fraud charges that include one count of obtaining property valued at $50,000 or more, along with two forgery charges.

Dombroski couldn’t be reached for comment Monday and it was unclear whether he has a lawyer.

The Boys and Girls Club of the Keys provides low-cost after school childcare and has a newly built center at Bayview Park in Key West.

The investigation started two years ago after Archer told police he received word from the Boys and Girls Club of America that the club in the Keys hadn’t sent pension fund payments for the last two years.

Archer said he asked Dombroski about the pension fund and the executive director said they didn’t have the money for it, but never gave a good explanation as to why, police reported.

Dombroski is accused of forging the board members’ signatures, including Archer’s, on a document dated October 2018 that froze the pension plan for the employees at the Boys and Girls Club. That meant he no longer had to send any money to the corporation that administered the plan for all 4,400 Boys and Girls Club chapters.

When it came to the nonprofit, Dombroski had “complete control over the finances with no checks and balances,” the affidavit states.

For instance, he was the one handling payments to the nonprofit’s American Express card account.

“We never saw the bill,” Archer said.

After an audit of the Keys nonprofit by Boys and Girls Club of America, the board put Dombroski on probation and took away his control of finances.

Archer started looking through 2018 financial files for invoices and discovered a stack of documents clipped together that had not been present during the audit.

They included Boys and Girls Club checks made out to Dombroski. But Archer told police most of the documents were reimbursements made to Dombroski for cash transactions that never took place.

According to the affidavit, Dombroski would reimburse himself for cash transactions that never took place and also pay for items for the nonprofit using the card and then reimburse himself for the transactions.

“The Boys and Girls Club would pay the credit card bill in full each month,” the affidavit states.

The Boys and Girls Club of the Keys is financially OK these days and now has controls over how it handles its money, said board chairwoman Amanda Velazquez.

“We have completely changed the checks and balances system that was nonexistent during this whole situation with Mr. Dombroski,” Velazquez said. “Detective Medina and the state attorney’s office did a very thorough job. We’re hopeful justice will be served and he’ll have to pay for what he did.”

Dombroski’s Facebook page says that since March 2019 he has worked for the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program in Monroe County.

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