Fort Worth police search for burglar who stole Civil War-era music box worth $15K


Fort Worth police are searching for a man suspected of burglarizing a house in the 3600 block of Shelby Drive, west of Bluebonnet Hills, on Tuesday.

Surveillance footage recorded around 1:45 p.m. shows a white pickup truck with a utility truck bed cover pull into the driveway after passing the house a couple of times.

The suspect, a man with a beard wearing a green or brown T-shirt with blue shorts, walks up to the house and knocks. While the suspect is waiting at the door, he pulls up his T-shirt to reveal a scar on the left side of his abdomen.

Police say the man is suspected of stealing several items including five guns, a laptop and a Civil War-era music box valued at $15,000.

Anyone with more information on the burglary or suspect is asked to call 817-392-4772.

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