France, Italy Require Covid-19 Passes for Restaurants, Bars


PARIS—Julien Zerbos turned away some would-be diners on Monday from the brasserie on Paris’s Champs-Élysées where he works because they didn’t have the European Union’s new digital health certificate.

France began requiring the passes, which certify that somebody has been vaccinated against Covid-19, on Monday for people seeking to dine at a restaurant, whether indoors or outdoors. The pass is now also necessary to take domestic flights and long-distance buses and trains. France already made the pass mandatory last month for a host of other activities such as entrance to museums, pools, gyms and large sports events.

“Some customers say they got the vaccine but didn’t come with the health pass, and we have to say sorry, we cannot accept you,” said Mr. Zerbos, who works as a host at Fouquet’s in Paris. “We can get in serious trouble if we accept someone without the health pass.”

French establishments that don’t check the health passes risk a €1,500 fine, the equivalent of about $1,763, which can rise to €9,000 and a year in prison following the third violation within a month.

Italy also made the digital health pass mandatory for a range of activities last Friday, although the unvaccinated can still dine at restaurants if they sit outdoors.

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