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Aug 10, 2021

The American recording artist has announced the launch of his own independent luxury brand, Homer, which focuses on fine jewelry and accessories. Intentionally nostalgic, the first collection is inspired by Frank Ocean’s “childhood obsessions” with quirky and colorful patterns and characters, which can only be purchased — for now at least — in the new label’s New York boutique.


While many celebrities are launching their own cosmetics lines, it is the world of fine jewelry that seems to be most of interest to Frank Ocean. The American musician has provided a first glimpse of his independent luxury brand Homer, which features (very) high-end jewelry, as well as a selection of scarves. 

There are retro-styled pieces, all handmade in Italy and designed in New York, and inspired by Frank Ocean’s childhood. The pieces feature bright colors and characters with a manga edge. The jewelry is made from 18k gold, recycled sterling silver, hand-painted enamel, and lab-grown diamonds.

While some of the jewelry can be seen online, shoppers have to go to the brand’s only New York store, located in lower Manhattan, to buy it. They have to make an appointment online, with the option of booking 15-minute slots. 

Pricing is high-end at $435 for the most accessible pendant, around $1,695 for “double sphere” earrings, $16,515 for a gold bracelet, and $471,900 for a gold necklace set with a multitude of diamonds of different colors. Silk scarves are priced between $230 and $460.

Frank Ocean’s last studio album “Blonde” came out in 2016.

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