Golden Hour: This Hyper-Exclusive Swiss Clock Inspired by the Gun that Won the West Celebrates the Art of Gifting


This is the second collaboration between Switzerland-based houses The Unnamed Society and l’Epée 1839.

The Unnamed Society and l’Epée 1839 partner anew for a unique clock inspired by “the legend that won the West.”

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Called Golden Boy, the gun-shaped timepiece that was based on the Winchester Rifle follows the last collaboration between the group of designers-inventors and the Swiss clockmaker. Previously, the two worked on Pancho Villa’s Bisley Colt. 

Weapon of the West

Nicknamed the “Gun that Won the West,” the Winchester Rifle remains one of the most recognizable firearms of all time. A weapon favored by both (so-called) peacekeepers and bandits, it was carried by such infamous names as Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy, and Buffalo Bill.

Those who owned a Winchester “Yellow Boy” 1866 were said to be better prepared than others in navigating those lawless lands.

Historians seem to agree that Native American victory at Little Big Horn in 1876, one of the bloodiest battles in the history of the West, was in large part due to the fact that the warriors under Sitting Bull’s command were equipped with Yellow Boys. 

The lever action rifle permitted rapid reloading and accurate shooting, even on a cantering horse. The US Army stood little chance with their breach-loaded, single-shot Springfield Model 1873 rifles. 

Golden Boy 1

Reimagined piece

Golden Boy has the same dimensions and weight as the original, the same feel and heft. Breathing life into the clock is the L’Épée movement.

“Bolting a clock to a gun was never an option, so rethinking the original rifle’s ingenious lever action mechanism as a clock calibre seemed like an irresistible challenge. It wasn’t,” says Arnaud Nicolas, CEO of L’Épée. “The result is a work of engineering that transcends its function into a work of art, true to the DNA of The Unnamed Society.”

What made the lever action repeating rifle such a gamechanger back in the day was the 

revolutionary approach to loading ammunition, cocking the hammer and chambering the bullet in one rapid, fluid motion—with a lever actioned by the trigger hand. 

Golden Boy 2

Able to hold 15 rounds before having to reload, the original was not only much more practical than a single-shot rifle, but also allowed for excellent handling and accuracy without any significant training. Just a calm hand and determination.

Bespoke wonders

L’Épée captures this defining movement of the hand as it loads the round and prepares the gun 

for firing: by having the clock mechanism wound in exactly the same way. By actioning the lever 15 times—as if loading 15 bullets one after the other—the mechanism is fully wound for a seven-day power reserve.

Golden Boy is also customizable; For the receiver, barrel and tubular magazine, the owner can choose from steel, 18K yellow, rose or white gold, and palladium. For the stock and forestock, from a selection of exotic woods.

Golden Boy 3

Far from brand fanfare, the creations of The Unnamed Society celebrate the Art of Gifting and passionate artistry. Founded in 2019 in Switzerland, the group’s motto is “creating the impossible that defies the imagination.” 

L’Epée 1839, on the other hand, is currently based in Delémont in the Swiss Jura Mountains. With Nicolas at the helm, it has developed an exceptional collection of table clocks that includes an entire range of sophisticated clocks. It has been a prominent clockmaking firm for more than 180 years. 

Today, it is the only manufacture in Switzerland to specialize in the production of high-end clocks. All pieces are designed and manufactured in-house. Their technical prowess, combination of Form and Function, long power reserves and remarkable finishes have become its signature features.

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