Have a Private Island to Yourself With Fiji’s Luxury Resort Bubble Initiative 


Do you fancy a luxurious getaway to one of the world’s most pristine and remote Pacific Islands will also practising social distancing? Fiji may be a fit for you. Fiji has made it very clear that its borders will be closed to commercial aircraft until at least March 2021. However, travellers can circumvent the rules by signing up for a special “travel bubble” at a luxury resort. Yep, you can have a private island to yourself (and up to 20 of your friends) with Fiji’s resort bubble initiative.

private island resort bubble

Have a Private Island to Yourself With Fiji’s Luxury Resort Bubble Initiative

The Laucala Private Island Resort has partnered with Fiji Airways on a special itinerary. Under this initiative, up to 20 guests can fly on a private Fiji Airways jet from Los Angeles to Fiji’s main airport, Nadi. Once there, guests will receive transport to Laucala where they will have the island all to themselves. Guests will get to enjoy all the best of the island with their choice from ten luxury villas. In addition to having a private island with all the luxury one could imagine, the trip there isn’t half bad either. Travellers will get to indulge in the ultimate posh lounge that is the Private Suite at Los Angeles International Airport. Utilized by countless celebrities and even royals, travellers can rest assured they’ll be given top treatment.

Currently, what little travellers able to make the journey to Fiji are subjected to a mandatory 14-day quarantine. However, due to Laucala’s remote location, the Department of Health has allowed those travelling with the ‘resort bubble’ status to bypass the quarantine. Each traveller is permitted to provide three negative PCR tests. The tests will be two weeks before travelling, 72 hours before boarding and one upon arrival.

private island resort bubble

What Can Travellers Expect to Pay?

So, now that we’ve given you all the details, you must be wondering how much this costs. Travellers can expect to cough up $490,000. The nearly half a million-dollar pricetag will cover the cost of the jet, a minimum of seven nights at Laucala, on-island activities, food and drink along with the airport transfers of up to 20 people. It’s certainly true that most tourists don’t have deep enough pockets for a trip like this. However, it’s another last-ditch effort to revive the economy in Fiji.

Fiji, whose tourism contributes 40% of the nations GDP, has certainly felt the effects of this year’s pandemic. They’ve managed to have just 34 cases and two deaths all year. But thanks to this, they are taking every step necessary to keep the borders closed and prevent a full-blown outbreak. As the country struggles to bring back tourism while eliminating the virus, they’ve also come up with other plans. The resort bubble follows Prime Minister’s decision to implement a “blue lane” to permit entry via private yacht.

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