Hennessy and NBA give tattered basketball court a makeover


One wouldn’t immediately associate Hennessy with basketball, but the brand recently joined hands with NBA, marking the association’s first-ever partnership with a spirit brand. To celebrate the coming together of both brands, the global ‘Hennessy in the Paint’ campaign was launched in Asia, specifically in Hong Kong’s Tsing Yi Estate basketball court.

People’s Place, Hong Kong art group HKwalls, and Hong Kong-based street artist Taxa were roped in to produce a colour graffiti piece on the grounds of the basketball court. The Tsing Yi Estate basketball court was chosen for the makeover as it had been suffering from dilapidating coatings and stumbling flooring after years of service.

Taxa applied blue, peach, pink and turquoise colours in the piece. He also painted a pair of arms on a huge canvas that extends to the edge of the court.

Here are images of the finished piece: asia%2fcontent%2fBaketball+Court With+Hennessy+Logo+Bottle 1 asia%2fcontent%2fBasketball+Court Close+up 2 asia%2fcontent%2fBasketball+Court Side+View 2 asia%2fcontent%2f20220519070106 collage asia%2fcontent%2fMoodshot 1 asia%2fcontent%2ff61ec0a6118e40b89b5505b703b88504You’ve arrived at Inspiration Station, a weekly look at imaginative and artistic work from creators of all kinds across Asia-Pacific. Step off for a minute to recharge your creative batteries and find inspiration for that next big idea of yours further down the track.

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