History of the Ferrari’s success: from the origins to the first worldwide victory


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Before starting telling the history of one of the best brand which makes Italy famous in all the world, we’ll try to answer at the question: “why the iconic “Prancing Horse” became the maximum expression of “Made in Italy”? What make it one of the symbol of italiannes, recognized in every foreign country?

The answer let us know how much the Brand Ferrari is a brand that, since 1929, has been capable to enclose and summarize all the characterizing elements of our luxury products: quality, style, refinement and elegance.

When we thinking about “Ferrari”, indeed, we think immediately to the italian’s style value and peculiarities : in short, is becoming one of the symbol of the italiannes.

That’s not all.

“Ferrari” has been capable to reach , in the ages, the role of the brand that doesn’t have only a part in Italian’s history but also of the sports, economic and social history.

Let’s go now over this Car company’s fundamental principles starting since 1929, when Enzo Ferrari found in Modena, his hometown, the “Scuderia Ferrari”.

Scuderia Ferrari Formula One

Ferrari prancing horse

Enzo Ferrari

Ferrari red detailThe evolution of the Bulgari brand, a success story

This post is also available in:
Italiano Español

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