Home Renovation Magic: Must-haves and More for the Perfect Home


For those who have been meaning to redecorate their spaces, Janeena Chan shares tips to get you started—based on her own home renovation experience.

One of the main things keeping me busy this year is my long overdue home renovation. Although it’s been through many delays, due to the lockdowns and pandemic restrictions, seeing it come to fruition validates just how much it’s worth it.

For this, I elicited the professional services of Gussy Design to help revamp my home and give it a total makeover. And I’m so happy with how it has progressed! Although we still have a few more furniture pieces on the way to complete our sala-studio area, the entrance to the foyer and dining-kitchen areas are pretty much done!

Sharing some of the details and tips that made this renovation such a winning move!


Listen to Your Designer

It’s one thing to have fun building your dream home in The Sims, but it’s another story when it comes to your actual home. You can’t simply edit and delete pieces that actually cost money, time, and effort—just like you would virtually in a game!

And even if you have the best taste in the world in your opinion, it still pays to have the expert guidance of a professional in the field of interior design. They also took the load off of my shoulders when coordinating with suppliers! Shout out to Vianca Favila, Hazel, Yvonne, and the whole Gussy team for being so amazing at what they do! 

On Wallpaper Choices

For instance, I wouldn’t have opted to have textured walls and wallpaper in my home, but it made all the difference. These definitely added more depth, texture, and visual interest in the space, so that it doesn’t look flat. The wallpapers we used for our home are from Neu Muri


On Choosing an Area Rug

Another element that made all the difference—one that I didn’t feel too inclined with at the start—was incorporating an area rug in my living area. I thought it would make the space feel smaller, but no—having a large area rug added elegance and coziness to the space. Plus, it tied in all the pieces together, like my Christmas tree, couch, piano, lights, and mirror!

While I’m still waiting on more pieces to complete the overall look, here’s the carpet I went for from Abstrakt Rugs! What’s more, they even coordinated with Gussy to have a mock-up at my home! They brought some designs—closest to the look we were going for—and I got to choose which one best suited the place. Yes, on the spot, right in the comfort of my home! I kept the design called “Kianto.”


Colors, Cohesiveness, and Quality

Changing up the colors of your home makes all the difference when you’re doing a major renovation. Coming from a canary yellow-painted home with lots of fun bursts of color had its time. Now, living in a neutral palette home with lots of whites, light wood elements, and elegant pops of gold and handsome black feels like a whole other world! I actually feel like I moved into a totally new house because of it!

We used classic whites and blacks for paint by Boysen paints! And our flooring’s major makeover was done beautifully using high quality and super easy to clean tiles from Mariwasa Tiles! As for the stairs, vinyl tiles were used from Mariwasa as well! The great thing about these vinyl tiles is that they’re scratch-resistant, water-resistant, easy to clean, spill & stain resistant, anti-bacteria, termite resistant, comfy, and 100% recyclable! It also complimented my new Ripple Fold Sheer Curtains from Raphyten!


Now, my hallway and home have been transformed into a super versatile, makeshift studio—perfect for home shoots and livestreams with clean backgrounds as a must!


What’s more, all our tiles are super comfy on our feet, too! Even our fur babies love lying on it so much! And aesthetically, I love the natural homey contrast it gives against the classic black and white tones of the house. 

Lighting is Key

Speaking of tones, a huge part of elevating the overall mood and look of a space is not just ample lighting, but the right tones and overall design! Choosing my lighting fixtures was one of the things I enjoyed the most in this renovation process because I felt like I was choosing art fixtures, too! Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by my favorite wall light from Shadows and Patterns. It gives off hotel vibes, and sets the tone for the entire space!


As you enter up, your eyes will directly be drawn in by these two modern drop lights. Plus, I love the gold elements on it! These two pendant lights are sold separately, but I got them as a “set” to dangle at that high ceiling part. And the best thing? It’s super bright, too!


Another fave lamp from them is this rose gold and glass piece that simply screams sophistication with a unique twist. It’s not your ordinary mushroom lamp! Soft light is emitted from both above and below—gently diffused by the top glass and bottom surface.

You can also use my code on Shadows and Patterns for a 10% discount. Just type in JANEENA10 upon checkout on their site!


Stick to Timeless and Sustainable Pieces 

In this day and age of mid-century post-modern “trendy” furniture, I can easily get excited over the latest trending furniture piece! But that’s the thing about trends—it’s either everyone has it, or it’s too identified with the era that there’s a tendency to get bored with it faster visually. So, I really had to hold back my impulses and thought of which pieces would and could stand the test of trend and time.

And I’m really happy with my beautiful black and white dining table from Stacked Furniture! The surface is made from sintered stone, and it’s actually an outdoor dining table that can withstand even the harshest weather. Plus, it’s very easy to clean! I even chose grey chairs with gold hardware to match!

Sustainable Appliances

And of course, our appliances have to be sustainable, too! Having a newly-updated air conditioner from Fujidenzo has given me more life when it comes to both work and play! I got a heavy-duty premium inverter unit with air purifying filters, HEPA filters, and an ionizer. And the best thing about it is that it saves up to 60% energy, too!


What’s more, I’m also so happy with how functional my new IG-worthy fridge is! It’s the Quattro Lite Refrigerator from Whirlpool—super easy to use with side-by-side doors on top for the chiller section, and two freezer drawers at the bottom. It even has a 16 cu. ft. capacity and has different settings, depending on my needs.

It also has a 6th sense technology to keep food fresh for longer, while saving up on energy and looking so good! Now that’s a smart, sexy, and sustainable fridge. Look at how chic and minimalist it looks!


Sustainable Pet Items

Other timeless and sustainable key pieces that I love are my faux fig tree from Bonjour Botanicals, and my ultra high tech Catlink kitty litter! Yup, no need to keep watering the faux tree—it looks pretty legit for a plant that’s not alive.


And as a cat mom, I also got to invest in a self-cleaning luxe cat toilet, The Catlink Luxury Pro! With 2 cats at home, they’ve been sharing the device and it automatically cleans their waste! And it looks pretty cool, too! The best part? You can connect it via WiFi to monitor your pets’ activities. I got mine from Pineapple Pets


Excited for What’s to Come

I’m so excited to share how the final look of my house will turn out! I’m currently typing this in my newly-renovated living area, while still waiting for the last of the new furniture pieces to arrive. And the feeling of being enveloped by beautiful surroundings that inspire you is simply bliss!

Sharing more of the magic next time, but for now, you can watch my videos related to this experience via the links below! ‘Til next time!

More of my lights at home from Home Cartel

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