Hospitality maestro Gibran Baydoun shares his favourite spots to dine at in New York City


If there’s a bucket list of cities to travel to around the world, we’re certain New York City will definitely rank high on that register.

The intoxicating exhilaration when visiting the locale is addictive to say the least. With a trio of politics, economy and culture all compressed into one, to describe New York as dynamic is quite the understatement.

For Gibran Baydoun, the hospitality maestro behind Lucali BYGB, Proper Slice and his latest venture, Corduroy Palace, “there’s no city in the world more hopeful than New York City.” This isn’t his first foray in hospitality, at least not in Singapore — before coming here, he held postions in Hillstone Restaurant Group, Ralph Lauren, Momofuku Ko, where he worked as the Chief of Staff and Director of Restaurant Operations. As travel-deprived Singaporeans we sometimes wonder why anyone would trade The City That Never Sleeps for eternal summer and humidity, but we digress.

After all, according to to Gibran, “there is no better place (than New York) to travel to feel culture, soul and true culinary diversity. Other cities may be great restaurant cities, but the breadth of cuisines in even a 6 block radius in New York is unrivaled by any city in the world. Couple that with world class museums, entertainment, bars and nightlife, it’s a true destination and has just about everything a Singaporean wants on one slim island.”

Gibran Baydoun New York City NYC
Gibran Baydoun

“Food to me is a vehicle for bringing people together. When you share a meal together, and everything is just right, from the amount of wine in the glass, the lighting, the candle on the table, the music and then food that just hits right, then you’ve just got it. If I can create that for others, through food, then I know I’m doing what I am supposed to be doing during my time on earth.”

In case you’re wondering, we’re packing our bags to Alicia Keys’ Empire State Of Mind as you read this.

Here are the bars and restaurants to try in New York City, according to Gibran Baydoun:

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