How to design your home like the luxury penthouse at Brisbane’s Emporium Hotel


So why not draw inspiration from those hotels that linger in our memories, and create similar memorable touches to our own homes? It may be a lovely objet, a colour scheme, a pattern, a floral arrangement, a wonderful work of art, a fabulous bathtub or something as simple as a jazzy ironing-board cover.

Francine John, whose passion for design is reflected in every corner of Brisbane’s luxury Emporium Hotel South Bank, believes there are no rules when it comes to good design.

“Follow your gut,” she says. “Style and design is a really personal thing.”

Francine and her architect husband Tony, of the Anthony John Group, created the Emporium Hotel South Bank and its predecessor, the original Emporium Hotel in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley with a commitment to bespoke Queensland design.

“Tony designs the building and I colour it in,” laughs Francine.

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