How to safely buy your dream car during the coronavirus pandemic


The coronavirus outbreak has drastically affected life as we know it. In line with government guidance, many car showrooms have restarted opening from the 1st of June. But from visiting car dealerships to test driving vehicles, it is understandable to have safety concerns regarding purchasing a vehicle in the midst of a global pandemic.

Luckily, the experts at Design 911 have provided their top tips on buying a car during this difficult time, without compromising your health.

Virtual appointments

If you’ve seen a vehicle and you would like to know more, setting up a virtual appointment is a great way to safely learn more about it. Essentially, a member within the car dealership will provide you with a video walk-around of the car. This way, you will get a 360 tour from all angles, including a detailed interior view. If the video is live-streamed, this will provide an added opportunity to ask questions as the dealer walks around the vehicle.

Ensure you arrange socially distant appointments

Consider buying online

Many car dealerships have switched to selling cars online, allowing them to get cars to buyers in the safest way possible. From built to order vehicles to dealer stock, there are hundreds of videos and photos online, enabling you to see each car truly for what it is. As well as being a more independent and less time-consuming process, you have more rights than you think buying online. Most online services will allow you to cancel your order no questions asked from the moment the order is placed, up to 14 days after you receive the car you purchased. However, the terms and conditions will be dependent on the contract you’ve signed so make sure to read this carefully beforehand.

Arrange socially distant appointments

If you decide you would like to see the car in-person before buying, it is time to set up an appointment with the car dealership. Call up the car dealership beforehand to find out how they are operating under new Covid-19 restrictions, and whether you can set up a private dealer appointment. Stay 2m away from the dealer and wear a mask and disposable gloves at all times to prevent infection. Before test driving a vehicle, ensure that all immediate touch surfaces have been wiped down and wash your hands immediately after the test drive.

When securing the deal, don’t shake hands

When securing the deal, don’t shake hands

Though it may feel a little un-traditional to not participate in the old-fashioned handshake deal, your safety and health comes before etiquette. It is likely that your car dealership will now require you to fill out paperwork online, but we recommend you bring your own pen just in case. Ask if your dealership provides handover videos too, so you can be taken through the car’s main controls and features whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Ask for contactless trailer delivery

If your dealership does not allow same day drive-away or you are not collecting your vehicle, we recommend opting for trailer delivery as opposed to driver delivery. The benefit of trailer delivery is that it minimises the amount of contact the delivery driver has with your car. If your car is being driven to you, ensure that the driver sprays the car’s interior, keys and door handles with disinfectant, and parks the car 2m away from your front door.

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