Issam Consultancy Ltd the solution for your business.

It doesn’t matter what your sector is. Issam Consultancy Ltd always offers you ideal and innovative solutions to improve your organization.
A company born to devote itself to the Business Development sector, has agglomerated the best European consultants to be able to follow its customers in any business area and in any sector its customers operate.

The confidentiality and security of its customers’ information are the main basis of the company policy.
After having achieved important goals in the industrial and distribution sectors, Issam Consultancy has specialized in the software development sector
In fact, Issam customers will be able to take advantage of complete packages, where consultants, in addition to reorganizing entire company areas, can create in house software tailored to customers
This makes the collaboration with the customer extremely more interesting, as the Issam customer will be able to have all-inclusive packages at low cost and extremely fast.

Over the past few months, the CEO of the company Enrico MASSI has also wanted to undertake another business area that concerns the creation of apps.
The first born is, an app downloadable on the Apple Store and Google Play, operates in the food delivery sector and deals with comparing services and prices of all the players in the sector.
Already present in Italian stores, it has reached over 1 million users in a few months. It will be available in stores in France, Germany and England starting from the first quarter of 2022.
The second app launched is useful for visitors to cemeteries who want to find the deceased easily. The software will be distributed in all European countries through local distributors.

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