Italian aircraft: engineering genius and passion for flying


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Flying. Ambition of the man of all time. Aspiring to the feeling of maximum freedom, soar above everything, detach from the ground and enjoy every detail from above, shortening distances. Man dreams of flying since he is conscious of himself. Nature has not provided the human being with the appropriate equipment to rise up in the air, but has remedied by providing to the human species the necessary intelligence to design, build and implement tools capable of bringing man beyond the clouds. Aircraft of course, to move from place to place in less time and with greater comfort. But not only. The needs change, fly becomes a pleasure, not just a necessity linked to travel. Here are then planes of tourism, ultra-light and private jets, in short all the aircraft that fall within the broader category of General Aviation, a sector in which even the Italian aeronautics industry can say its own.

ultralight aircraft

Italian private jet

Italian tourism planes

Techn. Aircraft

Piaggio airplane

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