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ITALY. Land of Wonders – The video game that tells the world about italy’s wonders now enters schools


unnamed 2021 11 17T194318.402ITALY. Land of Wonders is the mobile video game released this summer by The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italian MFA).

Available for free in 11 languages for Android and iOS devices, ITALY. Land of Wonders is aimed at bringing the cultural heritage and wonders of Italy to a worldwide audience in an interactive and entertaining way.

100 puzzle game levels, each one featuring a 3D reconstruction of an iconic Italian landmark, in a truly engaging journey to discover, step by step, the coast and mountains, cities and castles, traditions and myths of the country. At the beginning of his journey the player gets to know Elio, the old lighthouse keeper who, every morning, lights up the sun that will shine bright over the country. For the sun to continue to rise over Italy, the player must collect 20 sparks, one for each of the 20 Italian regions, light up the lighthouse and ensure the sun shines again. A journey through Italy’s cultural heritage, through Art, Design, Cuisine, Nature and Performance.

Designed not only for those who already know Italy, but also and above all for those who want to discover it, ITALY. Land of Wonders can also serve as a travel guide, thanks to a collection of 600 articles filled with stories, news and fun facts, all collected in a browsable album and accompanied by original scores inspired by the great Italian classics, from opera to baroque to famous movie soundtracks.

ITALY. Land of Wonders has already been downloaded more than 100,000 times worldwide and has been selected by Apple as one of the best video games currently available.

ITALY. Land of Wonders is now available in Italian schools all over the world thanks to a free-access html subsidy page that provides teachers and students with all the contents of the videogame in plain text. Through this tool, teachers will use the game to facilitate the learning of the Italian language.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italian MFA) has also launched a competition in Italian schools abroad, with the aim of stimulating new ideas in relation to the possibilities of using the video game as part of teaching activities. The most creative activities related to the video game, implemented by the network of schools that teach Italian as a foreign language, will be advertised on the “italiana” portal, the innovative digital tool created by The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italian MFA) to promote Italian language, culture and creativity around the world.

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