Jackie Chan does his own stunts for Shopee


It’s not quite the Super Bowl, but Ad Nut has come to look forward to Shopee’s annual campaign talking up its big 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

In fact, certain Campaign editors believe that Ad Nut got a little too excited when the brand featured Cristiano Ronaldo a couple years back (see “Ronaldo’s Shopee ad is gloriously ridiculous“). But Ad Nut was vindicated when that ad topped Campaign’s list of its most admired APAC ads for 2019. Ad Nut also waxed a bit rhapsodic about the last year’s Shopee ad for Singapore, which featured local funnyman Phua Chu Kang.

“It’s an absolute gem: Campy, ridiculous, cheesy, annoying, lighthearted, funny and probably effective,” Ad Nut wrote a year ago.

And Ad Nut would say much the same about the just-released ad above, featuring absolute legend Jackie Chan.

The star is long past his death-defying days*, but he’s still got good moves for a 67-year-old. And it’s a delight to see him do the embarrassingly campy dance moves of the sort that made Ronaldo look so ridiculous. Good on Shopee for not changing its formula too much to suit each star. Ad Nut loves the silliness, the shamelessness, the bright colours, the barrage of onscreen text, the brain-melting Auto-Tuned jingle—all of it. Never change, Shopee.  

In addition to the ad, Chan will be earning his paycheck through a whole bunch of Shopee-related stuff, including a live interview on September 9, and lending his visage to giveaways, contests and virtual appearances in the Shopee Shake, Shopee Slice, and Shopee Steps in-app games. 

* Ad Nut is still amazed that Chan not only tried this stunt, where only two awnings broke a 25-meter fall, but did three takes. Lunatic.

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