Jil Sander x Uniqlo: The +J collection is about to make a major comeback


Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo has almost certainly found an excellent means to revive post-lockdown shopping in its stores with the relaunch of its iconic and much-appreciated collaboration with German designer Jil Sander, who is renowned for her minimalist and largely timeless fashions.

Time to get back to basics. The health crisis that brought the planet to a standstill in the first quarter of 2020 has ushered in an era of soul-searching in the world of fashion, which is not only re-evaluating how it should be organized, but also wondering about how to design, produce and sell its collections. Whether it be for environmental or economic reasons, consumers in general are also rethinking their approach to fashion, often opting for secondhand, locally made or even homemade clothes. But they still want basics.

And they are in luck. Basics — that is to say impeccably minimalist and timeless basics — will be back on the racks at Uniqlo this fall thanks to the relaunch of the Japanese label’s legendary partnership with Jil Sander aka the “Queen of Less.” Begun in 2009, the initial J collaboration came to an end in late 2011 almost nine years ago.

Image: Uniqlo

Uniqlo describes the new collection as situated between subtlety and minimalism, composed of unique and versatile pieces for men and women.The brand has given very little in the way of details about specific garments beyond pledging that they will be made from a diversity of high-end materials that offer refinement and quality for all.

However, if the collections of a decade ago are anything to go by, we may well see wool dresses, double-breasted coats, white shirts, blazers, and unfussy knits in neutral colours. Uniqlo has yet to disclose a launch date for the new J line, however, we do know that it is coming this fall. And one thing is certain, it will retail for prices that will once again make Jil Sander’s fashions affordable.

Main image: AFP

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